Viplab and Dhaani to get into ‘trouble’ in Colors’ Ishq Ka Rang Safed

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  1. vithu

    vrushika rocks

    hope they both makes a good jodi
    vihaan and kiara

  2. DeStijl

    Why do I want tattoos ?

  3. Viplav u r a good actor

  4. DeStijl

    Not my thing to label myself with my name or yours. :’D

  5. DeStijl

    Omds!! You better not be doing it on purpose. DeStijl*
    Yeah..Parents knows what is best for their

  6. tabo

    PlzzZ give ur Intro Dear 🙂

  7. Mother love wins

    And it’s time to show for evils to see justice system of Indian law.

    And also Akhiraj should get

  8. cute pari

    ok bye c u 🙂

  9. ibthasam

    If i am up for it i will come back again to increase more

  10. Noor

    Can’t stand it! This girl commented you look gorgeous bae on one of my pics and I had to delete it l

  11. Preet

    Heyy choti, how are you ?

  12. anda

    Bubbly i guess u left coz its quite late now…..but here is what i ll do….i said that from tmrrw

  13. Amaica...

    “Hands and minds that help another without a selfish motive are greater than lips and voices that pr

  14. Ayesha

    Plz plz …. now finish the game of aaliya and tanu

    Aliya exposed … can anyone tell me how muc