Karan’s SURPRISE birthday party for wife Ankita

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  1. DeStijl

    My love for tattoos will never end.

  2. cuty

    y d writers drag lke tis.guys pls don’t watch d serial if pragya gets raped i had lost my sleep aftr

  3. varsha-v-t-s

    I hope GR8 doesn’t romance 😉 🙄
    Ryt tezz 😉
    How tht Maya… hmmm 👿

  4. DeStijl

    Ohhh I see. 😀

  5. True love believe and trust

    It’s good for swara as wo Peyar hi Kaisa who can not trust his love. Ab Kia pachtwa jub chiryan chuj

  6. ibthasam

    100 done 😀

  7. Vini

    Plzzzzz come back

  8. anda

    Bubbly pls dont panic….dear u know that im in my final year so i have to concentrate on studies de

  9. twilight

    poor kunj.. 🙁

  10. Preet

    Ohh i heard about that ! I was going to watch it too but i didn’t, but apparently she was born in am

  11. Preet

    That fatima person …. Telling us that we’re dumb for having coversations here ? Like eff yourself