I don’t enjoy saas-bahu dramas: Kritika Kamra

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  1. varsha-v-t-s

    the cutesttt mosttt.. romantic promo award wud go to…………choose 😀

  2. DeStijl

    It is not a sin. :’d
    All you are doing is some before hand family planning. :’D

  3. Awesome ♥ Love U AzMa *-*

  4. Mother love wins

    I hope anandi will gets her nimboli and I really hope that mangla too realise that yashoda never lie

  5. DeStijl

    Hey TG! 😀
    May I know what movie you’re watching?

  6. noor

    Sorry if I leave double comments or don’t reply. Wifi is playing up -___-

  7. Yea me too he is cute she is pretty they both look adorable