#BirthdaySpecial: ‘FUN’ Twitpics of Ram Kapoor

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  1. varsha-v-t-s

    Yesss… I did 😛

  2. DeStijl

    One side I have my friends… As you may know I’m the shy type that doesn’t have much friends.

  3. anonymous1

    it would be funny if vyom and pari ex turns out to be brothers!! hahah

  4. Maryam

    Now even kids been used for shit line that’s why still gatya scruffiness (Bali) happen in India. As

  5. Noor

    Lool I dunno I guess I have a thing for red cars? And also when I go home my car stands out in the d

  6. tabo

    Yeah. I m from Lahore.

  7. suren

    Kinshuk Mahajan is roped in place of Dhruv Bhandari… No match and flop show!!!No wonders TRP crash

  8. Vini


  9. DeStijl

    Well my theory on it is that the writer is awesome, you are so in love with the book that’s all you

  10. Komal

    very nice episode.waiting for tomorrow’s episode. very heart touching moments.