Ankit Bhardwaj to enter Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap

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  1. Asya

    Y sadda haq not taking into it ….it’s also nice and good…..happy for swaragini…would have been

  2. I am gonna get it charged. 🙄
    Haha! 😀
    Lily Di and het childrens!!! I thought that she was bus

  3. DeStijl

    Not at all. I’m not going to be a doctor or nurse or whatever. :’D

  4. Sonia

    Omg days shut seriously Fuk sake man borin bMan

  5. ibthasam

    so what are u upto now a days??

  6. Noor

    Choti: Your theory may be right? I absolutely loooooovvvvveeeeeee romantic novels! They are amazing!

  7. Preet

    Yeah it does sound forced at times, i agree with that