5 reasons why Prem of Sasural Simar Ka is the IDEAL man

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  1. DeStijl

    I was planning to limit myself to 5-10 tattoos but I don’t think that it possible. 😐

  2. varsha-v-t-s

    Went?? 😮 🙄

  3. varsha-v-t-s

    If u loveee ur life… never go to medical college 😛

  4. anonymous1

    supposedly some big twist is going to happen but they killed mantu/amaya love story. stupid writers

  5. Ego ki spelling R…k

  6. Noor

    Everybody dissappeared?

  7. noor

    Sorry if I leave double comments or don’t reply. Wifi is playing up -___-

  8. cute pari

    hello hru

  9. Me also fine 🙂
    But where is simi aru nd rammu

  10. Noor

    Matee take your hate somewhere else. It’s called socialising, you should try it sometime, then again

  11. DeStijl

    Yeah it has happened before to me too.

  12. Preet

    Sorry not born i meant she lived there for some while